Gabriel Majeri

Student & open-source contributor


I keep most of my projects on GitHub. I strongly believe freely sharing knowledge on the internet is essential for a healthy society.

I also have a blog, although I don't write in it as often as I'd want.

Web Development Portfolio

The modern web has evolved to be the ultimate medium of expression. The best way to get your story across is through a well-designed web site.

I initially despised web design and found it boring; it seemed to provide no intellectual challenge. Over time, I've grown to realise the importance of presenting my ideas in a concise and accessible manner, and have since challenged myself to improve my web development skills.

I've worked on the projects below as part of the freeCodeCamp certification — in my opinion, still the best resource for learning web development.

Front End Projects

React Projects


The best way to reach me is through my email.

You can find me on LinkedIn.
Feel free to drop a message, although be advised I don't accept connections from people I haven't met beforehand.